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The Coolies

There are two bands with this name: 1) The Coolies were an Atlanta-based band that put together two off-beat records on DB records. The first, 1986's dig . . .?, was a set of Simon & Garfunkel songs with weird styles (surf, psychedelia, funk, etc). In 1988 they released Doug (and thus having their two albums naming out a 1980s video game fave, Dig Doug), a rock opera that tells the story of a skinhead who murders a transvestite short-order cook, sells the victim's recipes to gain fame and fortune only to subsequently develop paranoia and substance abuse and end up in the gutter.

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Look Who's Toxic

Petering out since 2002, and now mostly in their 30s, 'Toxic' as they're affectionately known to their fans have to perform under the additional strain of sore joints, disease and degenerative brain issues. They don't like doing it much either as they'd much prefer being at home in front of the television wildly hurling abuse at the stars of today. <a href="http://lookwhostoxic.com" rel="nofollow">http://lookwhostoxic.com</a>