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Oceans Away

Oceans Away are a 5 piece band with half the band from the Gold Coast the other hailing from Brisbane, Queensland. With each member having their own unique tastes in music Oceans Away have managed to create a sound that is fresh in a stale sounding genre.
Oceans Away are:
Benny - Vox
Matt - Guitars / Vox
Chris - Guitars
Jason - Bass
Shannon - Drums

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Falling For Beloved

Newcastle (Australia) based , screamo/electronica band Falling for Beloved busted onto the scene in late 2006. The six-piece combine catchy lyrics, powerful screams, and brutal riffs, contrasted with clean back-up vocals and soft keys, as well as a consistently solid rhythm section with the bass and drums. In early 2007, they recorded their 4 track demo entitled "Ethereal Beauty" and followed it up later in the year with the release of their 6 track debut EP, "A Death In The Author".

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Storm the Sky

Storm The Sky was launched in September 2011, receiving an overwhelming amount of publicity for their EP teaser music video, launched alongside the page, helping them to gain over 1000 Facebook ‘likes’ in their first five hours. The band has now released their 7-track self-titled EP, recorded at Electric Sun Studios in Sydney, with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, and the immense hype has continued.

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