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Traps are a 4-piece indie rock band from Sydney, Australia. The members are Kieran Day (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Ben Hassell (Support Vocals, Guitar), Matthew Edge (Bass) and Malcolm Tain (drummer). They formed in late 2007 from the fragments of many other bands, and recorded 4 demos in december of 2007.

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Hugo Race

Melbourne-born multi-instrumentalist, producer, performer and songwriter Hugo Race is an eclectic and prolific artist who has lived and worked in the USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy since 1988. He was a founding member and powerful transient element of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds (1983), with whom he started working in the terminal stages of the legendary Birthday Party (he appears on five cds of the Seed's catalogue). In Melbourne he founded the Wreckery (1985) who went on to become on of Australia's seminal cult bands of the 80s, releasing with the White, Rampant, and Citadel labels.

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