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Pod People

Pod People is an Australian doom metal band from Canberra. Their sound combines doom/stoner metal with death metal vocals. They have released three EPs, one album and one 7". Pod People have opened for the likes of doom masters Electric Wizard and Cathedral. The band recorded a new album over the later half of 2007 and early 08 and are looking to release their next album "Mons Animae Mortuorum" (Mountain of the Souls of the Dead) through Goatsound in Australia in August 2008 and hopefully Rise Above internationally.

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Acid King

Acid King is a stoner doom band that was formed 1993 in San Francisco, California, USA. Acid King's signature is distortion, tight guitar-bass riff attacks and a Marshall-stacked, bloated low rear end. Ampeg bass amps and Osbourne's Ludwig drum kit supplemented the heaviness accordingly. Heavy but spacey. Lori's searing guitar leads contrasted nicely with her nefarious vocal stylings. People appreciated something different and distinctive, enthusiastically supporting Acid King's opening slots for the likes of The Obsessed, Sleep and Hawkwind.

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Atolah is a Psychedelic Doom trio from Perth, Australia. Influenced by Kyuss, Sleep and similar bands of the genre they deliver a great deal of pure heaviness.
Band members are:
Pierre - Bass
Zaheer - Guitar
Leeroy - Drums
Relics EP 2009
DRONING EARTH Vol. 31 Compilation

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There are several artists with the name Elder: 1) Elder is 3 piece stoner doom band from Boston. They have a self-titled full-length album released in 2008, a second full-length album titled "Dead Roots Stirring", released 2011, both on MeteorCity records, and a split CD with Hong Kong's Queen Elephantine on Concrete Lo-Fi Records. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> 2) Elder is a Screamo band from Philadelphia who combine soft/hard and quiet/loud dynamics to build epic Screamo songs. They feature members from <a href="">Towers</a> and <a href="">Balboa</a> and have a 10" record and CD out on Forge Again Records.

Church of Misery

Church of Misery is a japanese doom metal band with a specific extra-groovy sound that is often described as "stoner doom" but the band tends to snub this term saying "We hate trend. We hate corporate attitude. We hate the word 'stoner'. Death to false stoners!! Let there be DOOM!!" (citation from the Master of Brutality album cover artwork notes).
Band was formed in 1996 in Tokyo by bassist Tatsu Mikami (ex-Salem) and guitarist Tomohiro Nishimura, line-up was completed with singer Nobukazu Chow and drummer Hideki Shimizu.

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