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Two artists share the name Tigers: 1) A Cheerleading team from Boras, Sweden. **** 2) A downtempo electronica and dance side project of Jeremy Zerbe (ex-The Bad Faith Compromise, ex-Repeater), based in Lancaster and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tags: 

White Arrows

Lead singer of White Arrows, Mickey Schiff was born blind. At the age of 11 after years of gradual eye exercises and otherworldly determination, he regained his sight. Someone who has experienced and achieved this is undoubtedly going to be profoundly effected and perhaps understandably, a degree in Business Studies was not ever going to be an option for Schiff when he came to select his subject for college: he chose Ritualistic Shamanism.

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Kyson is an electronic musician from Adelaide, Australia currently based in Berlin, Germany. Electronic music as a whole is a disparate and ever-changing field – what was once a domain dominated by the big techno and dance record labels, clubs, and distributors is now an irrepressible force which has infiltrated the pop, alternative and hip-hop music, the advertising, and the radio stations that we hear around us, constantly, every day.

Hey Geronimo

Formerly known as Hey Ho Geronimo, Hey Geronimo are a conglomeration made up of Brisbane, Australia's indie-pop bands Blame Ringo, The Boat People and Montpelier. In 2011, they created an iPhone-inspired <a href="" rel="nofollow">music video</a> to their song Why Don't We Do Something? that gained some notoriety for the band.
Tony Garrett - Drums
Greg Chiapello - Bass
Pete Kilroy - Guitar
Andrew Stone - Keys
Rosco Pearson - Guitar Tags: