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Chris Altmann

Writing a concise biography of Chris Altmann is hard. It’s hard to pin him down. Perhaps “Multi-instrumentalist” is the most fitting description, but that doesn’t allow for his other artistic facets; he’s also a songwriter, a performer, a band leader, a collaborator, and a session musician. “Multi-talented” may be a better depiction. Altmann has been fascinated with music since he was old enough to reach the keys on a piano.

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The Eagles

For the American band, see Eagles.
1) The Eagles (UK band) (1958—1964 Bristol, England)
2) The Eagles (R&B vocal group) 1) The Eagles were a British music quartet active from 1958 through the mid 1960s. Formed in 1958, at the Eagles House Club in Bristol, Somerset. Led by lead guitarist Terry Clarke (born Terence Clarke, in 1947, in Reading, Berkshire), who used a homebuilt custom instrument, the group included drummer Rod Meacham (born Roderick Meacham, 25 March 1943, in Bristol, Somerset died 21 March 2002, in Bristol), bassist Michael Brice, and Johnny Payne on rhythm guitar.

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Felix Riebl

Felix was actually born on the moon. He is the first male human to survive preconception in outer space. He has a very loving group of friends and family on the planet earth, that have taken him in on the universal adoption principles. Ask Harry for verification proclomations.
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