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The Bon Scotts

The Bon Scotts are a five piece from Melbourne, with a catchy, playful and above all, honest energetic music. Formed in 2005 the band released only one EP, the yellow fall before disbanding. Reforming in 2009 to record Oddernity the band has quickly gained recognition with its animated live show and distinctive image. Confounded by Zimmerman’s witty and pertinent song writing, rarely is a new music more considered, confident and ingenuous.

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The Slow Push

Indie Rock with a quirky, cynical edge. The rhythms are stiff, danceable and direct. It won't give you nightmares, but it will slap your psyche around a bit. Not strictly for the medicated, but it helps.

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Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

Birthed by Mouth in the year two-thousand and five, young Edward Sharpe had to wait nearly two years before he was to grow his arms and legs and fingers and toes.
Immaculately conceived, his father (a Robot who had magically become a real boy…but that’s another story) declared his undying devotion to the creature. He perched the fleshy bust upon a teetering pedestal fashioned from stacked cereal boxes and positioned the display at his window for all the town to see. Young Edward soon proved no ordinary boy.