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Aleister X

Aleister X adds darkness to blackness and takes the musichall to the dancehall, engaging in some old skool Arthur Askey clowning along the way. This is the sound of light entertainment back from the dead and at its very best. So put your dancing shoes on, listen up, and get in touch with your dark side.

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Glitch Mob

When four friends, Ooah, edIT, Boreta & Kraddy
All noted fixtures on the West Coast underground
Team up with a creative vision and positive intentions
The result is
A relentless sonic assault on the dance floor of ferocious drums, catastrophic sub bass, and sounds from another world
It is an unforgiving and punishing physical audio experience that will leave your body beat to the core and your soul wanting more
It is the gift of music from this four man hit squad with the intention to unite the masses on the dance floor through trying times

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Mike Simonetti

Born in Bayonne NJ, Mike Simonetti grew up a hardcore punk kid in the New
York hardcore scene in the mid 1980s. Through friends involved in the club
scene, he began going to nightclubs during the heyday of NYC nightlife- the
late 1980s. By 1989, he landed a job at the legendary club Mars as a
promoter. During that time he became friends with the djs and club
promoters of the day, and it was then he got his first taste of djing- going

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UNKLE Sounds

UNKLE's live- and DJ-project under which diverse DJ-mixes have been released Releases:
Do Androids Dream Of Essential Beats (2003)
Never, Never, Land Throwdown (2003)
Edit Music For A Film (After Dark Prologue) (2004)
Where The Wild Things Are (2004)
Edit Music For A Film - The Director's Cut (2005)
Essential Music For A Film - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Reconstruction (2005)

Unofficial Releases:
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Beats? (2002)
Big Brother Is Watching (2003)
DJ Mix Volume 2 (2004)

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