South Central

South Central Described variously as: a Post Glitch; Indie/Electro; Dance-Rocktronica band. Based in Brighton UK these producers work autonomously or with a band live and have carved out a niche converting new Indie Rock tracks to the dance floor. These are trade marked by their intense electro-glitch laden intro's combined with guitar riffs inspired by cited influences such as the Fall, Banshees, Pavement and Interpol.


Walking down the streets of Suburbia, those passing by would stop and listen, for the grungy analog sounds coming from behind the white picket fence were in the hands of an ambitious teenager. Thereafter the electronic craziness ensued, epic dance parties, cheap liquor and moderately fast cars were all at hand. Life was good. Now it's time to shake up the scene and discover every sound in the funky spectrum.

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