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Mase N Mattic

Mase N Mattic have already gained a reputation for explosive live performances, both locally with the likes of Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, Funkoars, Urthboy & Phrase, and nationally as the supporting act for the sellout M-Phazes "Good Gracious" tour. Generating this measure of hype before a debut release is no mean feat, and places Mase N Mattic head and shoulders above emerging peers. Priding themselves on professionalism and an extremely hands-on approach to production, Mase N Mattic measure up to all and any audience they are faced with.

The Winnie Coopers

The Winnie Coopers- Revenge of the Nerds Remember those students at school who sat down the front, did their homework and joined the student council? Taunted. Rejected. Disillusioned. They now seek revenge in the form of the Gold Coast hip hop crew, the Winnie Coopers. Initially, the project was a collaboration between The Educator (vocals) and DJ's Indelible and Webstar, and in 2002, they won the coveted Musicoz Hip Hop Award. Time passed. There were girls to marry, web design businesses to establish and karaoke bars to sing at.

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Resin Dogs

Resin Dogs are a hip hop band from Brisbane, Queensland that formed in 1996. The name Resin Dogs is synonymous with massive energy, huge crowds and an infectious rollcall of rhythms. Continually redefining themselves through their frenetic touring schedule, while stamping their name on acclaimed singles and two full length albums, Resin Dogs are established as one of Australia’s most successful bands of recent times.

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Eloquor Lives for Hip Hop Culture, from the rhymes to the graff to the cuts and breaks. He got his first taste in grade 5 when Jason Maxwell gave him an Eazy-E tape, he remembers learning all the words to Eazy-Duz-it and rappin them to his Mum (she was not Impressed) From then on he listened to NWA, LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, and never looked back.....
He wrote his first rhyme in Year 8 while listening to Cypress Hill.

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Winnie Coopers

The Winnie Coopers are a five piece hip-hop group from the Gold Coast, Australia consisting of MC's The Educator and Eloquence, Young Tubs on bass and DJ Bigbad. They creat music they describe as "geeky hip hop guaranteed to get cabooses shaking" combining a laid back style with sweet party tunes and lyrics that all nerds can relate to. They have released one album - Being Different on the Starving Kids label.