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Jazz Hop


There are multiple artists with this name:
1. A rap group from the United States
2. A punk/ska band from Belgium
3. A classical/rock band from the United Kingdom
4. A heavy metal band from the United States
5. A black metal band
6. A Celtic rock band from the United Kingdom
7. A hard rock band from Greece
8. An experimental rock band from the United States
9. A hard rock band from the United States
10. A rock band from Germany
11. A Jazz group from Japan

Pete Rock

Rapper, DJ, and producer Pete Rock first emerged in 1991 as one half of a duo with C.L. Smooth, debuting with the All Souled Out EP. A hit LP, Mecca and the Soul Brother, followed before the two went their separate ways in the wake of 1994's The Main Ingredient, with Rock remaining a prolific studio presence prior to the release of his solo debut, Soul Survivor, on Loud/rca four years later. Dropped from the label, he continued his career as an independent producer, and later signed to Rapster/Bbe in 2001 for PeteStrumentals.

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Green Street

Green Street is a hip-hop/jazz group, consisting of emcee A-live, and producer Renaissance. Originally from Boston, MA and now residing in Brooklyn, NY, they are always trying to push the boundaries of hip-hop music. By using everything from samples to live instrumentation, Green Street brings back the sound from the Native Toungues-era while still keeping it fresh and relevant for today’s audience.

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Square One

There are at least 5 artists named "Square One":
1) Deep house producer from Manchester, UK.
2) Former hip hop group from Munich, Germany.
3) Soca band from Barbados.
4) Ska-Punk band from the Flint, MI area.
5) Pop-Rock band from Melbourne, Australia
6) Pop-punk/emo band from Belgium 1) Square One is the solo project from Manchester based producer Mark Wadsworth. Mark has been recording for Jimpster's Freerange Records since 2001. As of September 2007, he has released seven 12"s and two full length albums.

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