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The 3 members of Fangs first met whilst breakdancing ironically in the basement of a club that they heard Ian Curtis had once had a pint in. After complimenting each other on their use of eyeshadow, the two male members both attempted to seduce their future lead singer by performing 'the worm'. Once they had been helped off the floor, they conversed in halting tones (reminiscent of that employed by Deborah Harry of Blondie in hit song 'Atomic').

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Tomas Ford

Crowds start staring at Tomás Ford before he even drops a beat. He enters, resplendent in sequins, black denim and sparkling make-up. He shakes hands with the crowd, says some polite greetings and makes some small talk. Then he's all over the room. It's sudden; the music's changed... it’s an unusual combination of electro, glam and punk, but it’s definitely got you in a party mood. He’s a fun and disorienting showman, pogo'ing all over the venue, pulling jazz dance moves, launching himself onto unsuspecting crowd members and generally pushing everyone's boundaries.

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