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Michael Fix

Put a guitar into Michael Fix's hands and the emotional possibilities of music are suddenly released. This remarkable composer and musician has the power to create myriad sensory experiences through his music - it captures and conveys emotions, experiences and images with ease. And they are unforgettable. Over the past decade, he's released six albums, together with several singles and EPs, and has established himself as one of Australia's finest guitarists and composers, performing at festivals across the country, and writing evocative music for television, film and documentaries.

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Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy is big in Australia and over in Europe, but guitar fans in America have just been learning about him the past few years. He appeared at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention a few years ago and brought the house down. People have been talking about him ever since, and his fame is spreading. "He’s about the only guitarist I’ve heard who can come close to what Lenny did with harmonics, and he’s got a style all his own.

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Levi McGrath

From working with orphans in Uganda, to social work on the streets of Melbourne, Levi McGrath demonstrates a passionate commitment to changing the world for the better that goes beyond his years. He is passionately committed to the belief that music is one of the most powerful influences in the world. That's why he aims to for his music to motivate and inspire a new generation of people who are willing to stand up and make a difference.

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Manuel Barrueco

Manuel Barrueco is recognized internationally as a leading figure in the guitar world today. His artistry has been continually described as that of a superb instrumentalist and an elegant musician, possessing a seductive sound and uncommon lyrical gifts. His international tours take him to some of the most important musical centers in the world each season. Recent appearances have included New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Copenhagen, Athens, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Manuel Barrueco also has completed nine tours of Japan.

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Jake Morley

A rare and unusual talent, Jake Morley has a musical style to drop your jaw, tapping and slapping an acoustic guitar on his lap as if playing the guitar, piano and drums combined... whilst singing. Sell-out headline gigs and the release of a critically-acclaimed debut EP This City have followed, culminating in major support slots for The Hoosiers and Nizlopi. Not just an unbelieveable guitarist, Jake's true talent lies in singing songs of beautiful, honest intensity. Have a look at some videos to find out more, then come and see a show.