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The Freaks

There are a few bands known as the Freaks. 1. Freaks: A house duet.
2. the Freaks: A Polish punk band
3. And this Dutch band whose this page is about. From: 2006 - 2009 Holland's most sexy upcoming band. Raw rock grooves and a funky swing sway that makes the audience go ape! The music is vibing and is a sexy mixture of various styles, originally woven into a whole. With a deviating line-up, containing organ and sax, givin' it even more freak edge! The melodies differ from dark rock sounds to happy jazzy and subtle funk flavours, never average, always correct.

Upcoming Events for The Freaks

There are no Upcoming Events for this Artist (that we know of)...if there is an Event we don't know about, please tell us via the Contact link above.