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The Futuras Blues Band

The Futuras Blues Band - Hammond Organ instro rhythm & blues

You’d think that with all the technological and scientific advances made over the last century, someone would’ve invented a time machine by now.
But since they haven’t, The Futuras are the next best thing. Take a trip back to an era when skirts were tight, suits were sharp, wigs were big and no party was complete without a swingin’ Hammond B3 soundtrack. An era where Booker T. Jones and Georgie Fame reigned supreme, and music was all about finding your groove and rolling with it. Instrumental and downright sensational, this Hammond driven blues quartet will get you go-going faster than you can say These boots were made for dancin’, Daddy-o.
While the immortal Memphis sound clearly informs The Futuras’ repertoire, this band ain’t no one-trick pony. Expect scorching nods to artists as diverse as Packy Axton and Jimi Hendrix, The Small Faces and Albert King – all delivered in the band’s inimitably hip style. Like the man said, you don’t need a lead singer to have soul, baby.
So hit the dance floor or simply close your eyes and pretend it’s 1964 again: either way, The Futuras have got their mojo workin’ and they’re gonna work it on you…

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