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Casino Rumblers

Hard to pigeonhole, rockabilly / metal band from Sydney, Australia, the Casino Rumblers are: Dave Bean - vocals, bassPaul O'Conner - vocals, guitarSimon Wale - drumsChris Brasche - tromboneDave Bell - saxophone Paul and Simon are previously of the Blue Mountains rockabilly band The Psyclones, and Simon also played in Slant 6. Dave Bean and Wes have also played in The Sonic Aces, 8 Ball Baby and Me Me Me. Chris Brasche previously played in the Louisville Sluggers and Dave Bell came to the band via various jazz and swing ensembles.

Upcoming Events for Casino Rumblers

There are no Upcoming Events for this Artist (that we know of)...if there is an Event we don't know about, please tell us via the Contact link above.