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Self is a Seed

Self is A Seed release 'Gratis' online everywhere. This free EP showcases 3 tracks from their debut album 'Siren' (released Oct 25th 2012). Featuring the new single RFID these 3 rock anthems are accompanied by an acoustic version of 'Pirate', one of Self Is A Seed's heavier moments from their debut. This version lets fans and new comers alike experience the versatility of this band on the rise. The anticipation builds as Self Is A Seed prepare to release. From Spotify to Pirate Bay, the free EP 'Gratis' is available now... EVERYWHERE! Tags: 
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Andee Frost

Australian DJ. Gave out freebies at the Curvy book launch. Tags: 
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Caitlin Park

Caitlin Park is an electro-acoustic folk artist from Sydney, Australia. Her music is highly influenced by nostalgia for older films (and their soundtracks) which developed through her work at a cult video store. A year of constant shows during 2009 included supports for PONY UP, The Devoted Few, Laura Jean, Leader Cheetah, McKisko, The Paper Scissors, Kat Frankie, The Dead Sea, Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby, Sally Seltmann, Jack Ladder and more. Tags: 
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Chris Poulsen Trio

In March 2004, drummer Trent Bryson-Dean sat in on a gig with a jazz band called SCAT. He was very quickly impressed with the playing of Chris Poulsen (Fender Rhodes) that day and vowed to Chris and bassist Jeremy O’Connor that he would book a gig for the trio as soon as he possibly could.
True to his word, Trent was able to secure a gig at the Brisbane Powerhouse five months later in August. (With great wisdom he chose to name the group Chris Poulsen Trio rather than name the group after himself – a mere drummer!) The gig proved to be a great success...

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Boy in a Box

Tobias Priddle grew up playing music on the east coast of NSW.
After playing in a string of bands through high school he finally settled into a band called The Inheritors.
There he played countless shows around Sydney and the Central Coast and ended up touring with a bunch of great bands up and down the East Coast..
After deciding that he needed a break from music for a while he packed up shop and relocated to Melbourne to build a studio for a good friend.

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Amanda Merdzan

Amanda Merdzan is a singer/songwriter, from Perth -Australia, with a 'heart-on-sleeve/indie/folk' style that sends her songs bursting with raw honesty and emotion. With a strong emphasis on lyrics, her stories are told sparing no intimate details, taking you to the core of her content. Amanda Merdzan started writing, as the front-woman, for her former band, who launched their EP in 2007, playing to over 300 people at their launch.

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The Hollowmen

The Hollowmen were a independant rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. Although the band split up in 1991, they have on occaision reformed for a special event, most recently for the <a href="">Punters Club Reunion</a> The Hollowmen consisted of:
* Billy Baxter - vocals and harmonica
* Mal Stanley - vocals and electric guitar
* Gina Hearnden - vocals and acoustic guitar
* Archie Cuthberson - drums
* John Drayton - bass Previous members of The Hollowmen included

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