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Snout Cassette

turn a leaf, here we are, under a stone, inside a jar, wherever the mountains meet the sea, thats NoT where we're going2beeee... ...SNOUT CASSETTE was pollenated by alligators who fear our electro-pop wrath of 6 6 6!!!! we are 5 times longer lasting than pee smell on carpet..... originally a 2 piece named"schadenfraud"with-Jak - drums, vocals
Cat - bass guitar, synth, vocaLs Tags: 
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Hook n Sling

Sydney-born DJ and producer Hook N Sling, aka Anthony Maniscalco is recognised as one of the most exciting genre-blending house producers to come on the scene in recent years, a title which has led him to places most only dream about. In 2007, he pumped up the opening party for We Love Space in Ibiza before jetting off to the likes of the US & China. His track 'The Bump' a collaboration with fellow Aussie, Kid Kenobi raked in a coveted ARIA nomination after becoming a worldwide smash and buzz chart number one. It even had the likes of James Zabiela playing it as his encore record.

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There are two bands with this name: 1) Another name for Australian noise goofery, Reunion Sacred Ibis. 2) Some cunts from New Zealand.

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KillaQueenz are one of the most promising Hip Hop acts coming out of Australia right now. They are renowned for their high energy shows and unrivalled dedication to the art. Hailing from Uganda and Belize, Kween G and Belizean Bombshell draw inspiration from their respective homelands to bring a fresh sound to the Australian Hip Hop scene. The girls first met at the 2000 Olympic Games where they were individually performing and through a passion of Hip Hop music KillaQueenz was formed.

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Our Fold

"Shhh, dont tell 'em..lets keep this within Our Fold" A group from within a group, Our Fold came together through a shared love of good music, and the lack of it within the small town of Westhoughton. This drew them together socially, and from these times of indulgence the foundations of some of their bigger songs were laid. It was in the Spring of 2005 a conscious decision was then made to form a solid 4 piece Al guitarist and drummer Ryan had begun to jam together and sought the help of established vocalist/guitarist Damien.

Bryce Dessner

Bryce Dessner is one of the guitarists of The National. Apart from his work with this band he also composed a few classical works and an EP dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. Tags: 
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Anna Salen

Anna Salen are an instrumental rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Their sound could be described as being influenced by progressive rock and math rock. The three members of the band are David Morgan (guitars/keys), Paul Risso (bass/keys) and Shaun Scott (drums). Tags: 
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Metallic blast and noisy rock riffage coated in weird sci-fi sheen. Imagine pounding through the battle of Hoth on a Ton-Ton with Fenriz decapitating enemies by your side. Featuring dudes from Melbourne/Canberra hardcore/noise rock outfit Brisk. Tags: 
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