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Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing

MICK THOMAS has been determined to reconfirm his standing as one of Australia's finest singer/songwriters - both solo and with his gun band THE SURE THING. Apart from the occasional one-off reformation show with the iconic WEDDINGS PARTIES ANYTHING, Mick has been busy with his own label, Croxton Records, and making the new MICK THOMAS AND THE SURE THING album. Produced by Mick with Craig Pilkington, PADDOCK BUDDY was recorded in the Northern Victorian Goldfields in May 2006.

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Ezekiel Ox

Ezekiel Ox is a musician from Melbourne, Australia. He fronted the band Full Scale from 1998-2005; after their break-up he formed Mammal with Pete Williamson, Nick Adams and Zane Rosanoski. Mammal disbanded in October 2009. In late 2009 he took part in a Full Scale reunion of sorts with Tristan Ross (guitar), Ben Brennan (bass) and Matt Crute (drums). This new incarnation of the band changed their name to Full Scale Revolution in 2010, performing several successful small-scale tours of Australia, before disbanding again on September 6 2010. Ox is currently active with several projects:

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I am Duckeye

I Am Duckeye are a Melbourne rock band, featuring members of Sydonia. Their style could be described as stoner rock/metal, with an emphasis on humour in their lyrics and live performances. The members of the band are:
Sam Haycroft (vocals, guitar) (also in Sydonia)
Matt Haycroft (guitar) (also in Chico Flash)
Julian Medor (bass) (also in Dirty F)
Sean Bailey (also in Sydonia) Tags: 
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Great Earthquake

One man band Noah Symons from Melbourne, Australia. Noah Symons is an visual artist and musician, who in his musical performance utilises a number of instruments to create soundscapes, organically built up in time, with a strong emphasis on rhythm. As a visual artist Noah makes drawings, video, paintings, and photography all with an emphasis on the body's relationship to things (through notations, annotations, make-making, etc.

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Soft Power

Soft Power are <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Mary Timony</a> of <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Helium</a>, T.J. Lipple of <a href="" class="bbcode_artist">Aloha</a>, Jonah R. Takagi and Winston H. Yu As of June 5, 2009, they have two songs available to listen to on their myspace site (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>).

Rubix Cuba

Its the 25th anniversary of the Rubiks Cube Rubix Cuba: an 80's commercial fad crossed with a communist stalwart. A contradiction. Whilst appearing happy on the outside and in their music, Rubix Cuba are a deep and melancholy band (not that you'd guess it) with songs from the heart...which they wear on their shirtsleeves!! The Rubix Cubans bring a ball of energy to any stage and are bouncy, photogenic and annoyingly catchy.

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