Music For Change

Music For Change will be raising the roof of Melbourne's Town Hall on November 16. Using the power of music to inspire change, some of Melbourne's best emerging artists come together for an inspiring music festival, hosted by Video Hits' Faustina ‘Fuzzy’ Agolley and all in support of Plan International Australia.

Mista Savona @ The Night Cat

I had a the pleasure of seeing Mista Savona at the night Cat recently - slick, groovy and fat sound. Same line up as it turns out that I first saw at Womad in the UK. Like all good reggae the rhythm section is big and heavy, and Jake Savona is a talented keyboardist that livens up the harmonies. Baz Turnbull on guitar is understated chops up the sound beautiffuly with that slicing telecaster sound. With horns and three vocalists layering over the top you really can't go wrong!

I love where I live

Thank god, finally a music website that has it all!

I have been living in Lambeth for 3 years and as a music lover, I have not been able to go to one site or find a 'single source of truth' which lists all the venues and artists in the area, so I can make an informed decision about what I will be doing on my precious Friday/Saturday nights or any other night of the week. After 10 minutes on the site, I found a whole load of cool venues right on my doorstep.

I love where I live and Lambeth Live makes me proud.

Thank you Lambeth Live!

Bring it on.....

If your emails were music, how would you sound?

How many music industry emails did you receive last week? For me about 30, excluding any that got trapped as spam. I bet you every one of them thought they were the only ones I received...

Let's think about it - you have a friend on MySpace, you send a broadcast - how many other friends list are they on? What percentage of emails the friend received was yours? for me, if you were number 31, yours would be 3% of just my music emails, let alone all the other emails I get.

Untitled Red

I used to play in a band in Australia called Untitled Red - pre-techno electronica. It was early-mid 80's, New Order were big, and it seemed like we were following the crowd, but actually some of the tracks would make cool contemporary dance music.

Some of the tracks I'm thinking of are Celestial, Aquatic, Windows on Black, Legions Move, House Above the World and Forever. Some modern production would suit both the dancy ones, and a bit of chillout treatment would suit others.

Greg Day the singer is actually a writer of some note.